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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

BBC1 documentary looking for fathers bringing up kids

Landmark Films are developing a documentary for BBC1 about mothers who leave the family home and the fathers who subsequently bring up the children. We’re interested in what this means for the children and their relationship with their dad and other family members, including the mum if she is still in touch. It is so easy to have an emotional knee-jerk reaction to mums who live apart from their children and single full time fathers but without a doubt things are always much more complex and we’re interested in what this means for everyone in the family.

We’d like to make a documentary that looks at the challenges of family life after a break up, but one that also looks at how individuals and families overcome those challenges together. We are not interested in making a documentary that places blame.

We’re interested in speaking with single dads, mums who have live apart from their children and the grown up children (i.e. over 18s) who this has happened with. All conversations are for research purposes only. That means in the strictest of confidence and without commitment to take part in any filming. It is vital that our research at this stage informs the rest of the project and how we go about filming when we come to it so I would be so grateful to hear back from you.

If you’re interested in speaking with us, please call 01865 297220 or email clareacameron@gmail.com

For more information about the work we have done, please visit our website at www.landmarkfilms.com