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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

Take a chance on me

Uploaded: Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007.

Once again my life has been drastically changed, this time the huge step is going from redundancy to starting up my own business, and it’s made me re-evaluate many things about myself.

I’ve put so much effort into making day-to-day life stable for me and my children that I’ve become risk-averse. I fully understand how it happened: I was doing so much, on such a tight schedule every day, that unless everything could be scheduled and planned to the nth degree, I would not have been able to cope. So unless I’m 100% sure that everything’s been planned out and guaranteed to work, I’ve avoided doing it.

Of course, setting up your own business brings absolutely no guarantees and I’ve begun thinking about everything else that I do. And it’s lead me to realise that my failure in dating (or even getting dates) is down to two things: lack of confidence and lack of willingness to take a chance.

There is someone who I like, and I know she likes me, but I’ve always backed off because I doubted it could work. She’s something of a socialite- out every night and unencumbered with kids, whereas I’m the opposite. And yet we get on so well together. So why shouldn’t I take a chance?

So I have.

We were both at a party last night and, armed with plenty of dutch courage, I asked her out. And now I have a girlfriend.


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2 Responses to “ Take a chance on me ”

    Lisa commented at 1:09 pm on September 28th, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your life. Even though I’m not a single parent it sure feels like it. I’ve only just started to read your stories and I’m finding inspiration through the challenges that you face.


    lingz commented at 1:04 pm on November 12th, 2014

    Thanks for sharing your amazing journey. It has given me a lot of hope for the future. It has helped me to believe there is always a way out of every knot i make. I read your story with pride at what great things we can do as single parents and how much strength we didnt know we had.


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