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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

Soon I will be gone

Uploaded: Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007.

Yet again, all of the staff were ordered onto the shop floor, and were informed of yet another round of redundancies. My heart started racing- surely they couldn’t continue to keep me in this god-awful place? My plan, hatched in November, had already failed through two previous culls. Surely they couldn’t keep me here any longer?

The MD went through the usual talk about “poor trading conditions” and “being squeezed by the big players”, before telling everyone to go back to work and wait for more information from their departmental manager.

Me and my two staff, Emily and Alistair, trudged back to our office, followed by the Operations Manager. I’d barely sat down before he’d entered the room and asked me to follow him to HR. As I left the room, I turned to Emily and Alistair, smiled, and gave them a wave.

In the HR office, I was informed that my job was “at threat of redundancy”, a “30 day consultation period” was beginning, and that I was to leave the premises “immediately”. Why immediately? Apparently, I was a threat to the business!

[Several months earlier, I had warned the MD that a disgruntled outgoing employee was, in my opinion, likely to sabotage important equipment. Unfortunately, they chose to ignore me (as usual) and the equipment was indeed sabotaged, causing massive productivity losses and repair bills. Because I was the one that foresaw it, they thought it likely that I would do the same. They were always this way with me- ignoring me until something happened, then taking the credit for any success and passing the blame back to me for any failures. But on this occasion, it actually hurt my feelings more than I can express- despite hating my employer, I had built up my department from scratch, and regarded my staff as extensions of my family, and would never have done anything to damage what I'd worked so hard to create or cause Emily and Alistair problems.]

I was then escorted back to my office and, in front of my shocked staff, made to hand over my keys and leave everything else behind to be forwarded to me. I was then escorted through the shop floor to the exit with bewildered-looking staff watching on. I felt as if I was drunk, almost floating through the factory. It was unreal.

The door shut behind me and I was standing in the summer sun, locked out of the building I’d been trying to escape from for so long. I didn’t feel sad, but I was very shocked. In less than 10 minutes, everything had changed. Again.

I got into my car, and suddenly became tearful. Why? It was what I wanted. What I’d worked for.

It was 3:00, and my children would be just going to the after-school club. Normally, I wouldn’t pick them up until 5:30. They loved it there, but this would be their final time. I didn’t want the questions, so I phoned Mom and asked her to collect them for me and tell the staff that they wouldn’t be going back.

As I drove away, the shock quickly subsided and I suddenly felt elated. I felt happy. Tomorrow was a new day and a new start.


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