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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

Dancing on the tables

Uploaded: Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Sunday, May 20th, 2007.

It took up a lot of courage, but I did explain to Lucy that I didn’t think that we should go out with each other. I feel really bad about what happened (see this post), but I’m also feeling quite pleased with myself… “pleased”? Maybe that’s the wrong word… “relieved” perhaps? Relieved that after being single for such a long time, I don’t feel desperate enough to start a relationship with the first person that shows an interest in me.

The fact is that Lucy and I get on fantastically well, but our lives are just too different for it to work. I’m stuck at home every evening with my children and throughout most weekends, whilst she’s a party animal. I actually wonder whether she has some psychological issue with staying at home. And god-knows how she affords it all!

Anyway, she’d invited me to a party tonight, and several of our mutual friends will be there. After what happened last time, I’m not having a drink and volunteered myself to be a taxi for the night. It was a great night in a German bar, and most people were dancing on the tables (myself included). I was on alcohol-free lager, which tasted just like normal lager, but with the added flavour of stubbed-out cigarettes. Oddly, having (and spillling) a pint of beer in my hand, along with everyone else made me feel as if I was fitting in- except that they were all falling off the tables and injuring themselves, whereas I wasn’t.

On the table opposite, was a woman dancing madly and falling over frequently. I’m not sure why she caught my eye- she wasn’t bad looking, but there was something more than that. I can’t quite work out what. She certainly had the attention of several blokes. She just radiated “fun”. I’d never seen her before, but she seemed to be well-known amongst our group. Her name was Chloe.

Despite our recent issues, Lucy and I were like best friends again, and spent much of the evening together. At the end she was so drunk that she could barely walk, and was trying to persuade me to give her a lift home. I thought that wouldn’t be a good idea, but made sure that someone I trusted gave her a lift home instead.


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