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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

Mr Popular

Uploaded: Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Friday, December 1st, 2006.

I gave up on dating a little while back. Or more specifically, I gave up on trying to get dates. Spending my time either at work or stuck at home, the only dating opportunities were via Internet dating websites, and I’ve not had much luck with these. My one success, Jody, was over a year ago and the very few other dates I’ve had have been pretty awful. So I cancelled my subscription, and decided to just get used to being alone.

That sounds pretty miserable, but actually it isn’t. I’ve been invited for another night out, I have a plan for setting up my own business, the kids are doing well at school, and the house actually feels like home. All in all, I’m quite happy and don’t feel that I need anybody else to make it better.

And yet all of a sudden, I’ve had dozens of messages via the dating website- and they’re still coming! I didn’t delete my profile, and can still logon and see who has sent me the messages, but I can’t read them. Annoying, and intriguing!

So I logged on, and started looking at the senders profiles. Mostly very pretty, but all of them are miles away- at least 100 miles. Even if I was desperate, I’m not that desperate. I’m not sure whether the dating website is inventing users to try to get me to resubscribe so that I can read the messages, or whether these are genuine people. Then a thought occurred: I logged off, and logged in as a female guest. And whose profile is profile of the day? Moi! So that’s their ploy! No chance. I’m not resubscribing and I’m not interested.

Bye bye online dating.


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