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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

The mysterious disappearing class

Uploaded: Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006.

A year ago, I started an evening art class. I’ve always liked, and been pretty good at, art. And I really wanted to meet people and make some friends. It’s pretty fair to say that the class was awful- in one year I’d drawn dozens of boxes, a picture of a bottle (which I thought was good, but the teacher thought was poor) and a bowl of fruit. The fruit drawing had been stretched out over a month, so you can image how rotten it was at the end! Instruction was non-existant (the teacher would disappear for most of the session) and to add insult to injury, it had cost £110.

Because of how poor the class was, by the end of the first year there were only five of us still attending and four of those were 2nd year students who finished in July. So as I entered the 2nd year, there was only me left. I was looking forward to the 2nd year, as it would hopefully bring in a fresh intake of students.

I climbed up the stairs to the art department, and found the door locked and the lights off. I tried the doors to the other rooms- they were all locked and in darkness too. So I headed downstairs to reception and enquired. The receptionist looked at me as if I was mad.
“There isn’t an art class” she said.
“Well where is it?”
“I’ve never heard of there being one.”
She looked on the computer.
“No. We don’t run an art class.”
“I came here for the first year of a two year course.”
“Who was the lecturer?”
I told her, and she looked on the computer.
“We’ve nobody on staff of that name. Are you sure?”
She shrugged her shoulders.
There was nobody I could ask, no management, no senior lecturers, nobody from the art department, nothing on the computer, nothing in the prospectus and nothing she could do. I left holding a complaint form, wondering if I’d stepped into an alternative dimension.

Update: The college did finally admit that there was a course, but they’d decided not to run it again due to low numbers. The lecturer must have known this when he said “see you in September” to me in July. It would be December, and the threat of legal action, before I got a refund.


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