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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

Meet the parents

Uploaded: Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Saturday, February 11th, 2006.

I’ve found myself wondering back onto the Internet dating site again. I’d got chatting to Helen, she seemed really nice, although I was concerned about her reluctance to show me a picture of herself [says he who won't post a picture on his Twitter profile!] It’s not important what she looks like, but it would have been nice to know. She’s 22, and I suppose I felt flattered that a 22 year old would be interested me.

So we met up in her town (which was quite far from me, and a place I’d never been to). We chatted- she seemed nice, but it wasn’t long before I realised that we’ve nothing in common, I didn’t find her attractive and that she was far too young for me. The bar that she’d chosen to meet in became noisy and rowdy, so she suggested another, which was the same. The next one was shut, she couldn’t think of anywhere else, and it started to rain. The date had inevitably run its course, and was over. I gave her a lift home.

Outside her house, she asked if I wanted a coffee, which I declined but then accepted after much insistence. On entering her house, I was warmly greeted by her parents (who were babysitting for her) who then proceeded to interrogate me about who I was and what I did. They were nice, but overpowering in their enthusiasm. I could have done without it. I overheard Helen’s mom saying “he’s so much better than the ones you usually bring home”. Cringe!

Eventually, Helen’s parent’s gave each other a little nudge and smile, and said that they’d leave us “alone”. They went home. I went home too.


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2 Responses to “ Meet the parents ”

    Lisa commented at 6:43 pm on October 13th, 2010

    Cringe is the right word! Those dates are the worst – that ‘oh god we’ve got nothing in common and I just want to go home’ feeling is the pits x


    Alex commented at 8:29 pm on October 13th, 2010

    This has made me smile big time, it just sounds very teenage. :o )


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