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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

The girl at the gig

Uploaded: Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Monday, August 1st, 2005.

I’ve been out to see a couple of tribute bands play in a local club. Despite my best efforts, I’d been unable to find anyone to go with, so I went on my own (I’m getting very used to doing things on my own).

It wasn’t very busy, so I stood at the front to see first band, a Pearl Jam tribute. I’ve never really been interested in Pearl Jam, but this band were really good, and I was enjoying my bit of freedom. A couple of songs in, I noticed a very attractive girl looking over at me. This is a very new situation- I was never very good with the opposite sex, and even worse at reading signals- but there was no doubt, every time I looked over at her, she was looking at me. And smiling. What do I do? Shit.

I moved towards her and smiled, and she moved closer to me. OMG, this is more interest than I’ve had since I started going out with Kat- I was 16 then, I’m 30 now! I tried to talk to her, but it was loud and difficult.

She’d moved away from her group of friends, and was now quite close to me. Her friends were giving her nods and winks, which I assumed was a good sign. This went on for a while. I tried to strike to a conversation, but it’s difficult with a full rock band playing 10 feet in front of you.

“I’m going to the bar” I said, “do you want a drink?”
“No thanks.” Shit, I’ve committed myself to going to the bar now.
“Back in a minute.”

She smiled at me as I went. It was the fastest bar-run I’ve ever done. On my return, she was still there, and smiled at me again.

I really felt out of my depth.

Again, I tried to talk, asking the obvious “have you seen this band before?” question.
“Oh, yes”, she replied, “I used to go out with one of the band members”. Shit!
“Used to?”
“Yes, but not any more though. It was a long time ago.”

Suddenly the band stopped playing.

“I’d like to dedicate the next song…”, boomed the lead singer, with the full force of the band’s amplifiers behind him, “… to the most beautiful girl in the world, and the love of my life”. He stood there pointing to the girl stood next to me. She ran up to the stage and looked up at him adoringly. I went back to the bar.

The next band on were a Nirvana tribute, and they were rubbish. I left, passing the girl and the singer who were snogging like two loaches. As I walked past, the guy looked up, gave me a thumbs up, and winked.

I went home.


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3 Responses to “ The girl at the gig ”

    quentaris commented at 8:42 am on July 14th, 2010

    snigger at yourself – then have a stiff drink…


    Bee commented at 10:45 am on July 14th, 2010

    Hey Single Dad,

    What a lovely story again.

    A typical one though … Probably has happened to all of us .. men AND women .. :)
    Please don’t think it is because you are not interesting, attractive or desirable enough.

    Too be honest the whole thing very likely is more her loss than yours, really. Though she may have been very attractive…. that may have been her only asset. Who knows?

    For starters: either *she already lied to you about her connection to the singer from the get go (as she said they USED to be together – and he clearly said she is the love of his life … hmmm) or *she still wasn’t over him yet (if they did actually break up long time ago) as she clearly, immediately, without hesitation, gave in to his advances…

    In any case you wouldn’t want either of those “traits” in a new girlfriend anyway.

    Besides that: she obviously is very very (did I mention VERY) flirty, as from how you describe her behaviour in your story, I would also have thought she was in to you. I think any man would have thought that really.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not think there is anything wrong with being flirty … but THAT flirty ….. imagine all the men you’d have to fight off, if she were to be your girlfriend. :)

    The fact that she didn’t accept a drink from you though makes me think she wasn’t really THAT interested.

    I know it is a bit of a bold statement to make – that I think she wasn’t interested in you, as she didn’t accept a drink.

    But when I think about it, it may be quite a correct assumption actually … in those circumstances … on a night out/in a bar/at a concert .. if you don’t have a drink in your hand already (which I assume she didn’t have) why would you not accept a drink …(from someone who seems interested in you)?

    If you didn’t want to drink any more alcohol or something… you could still always have a mineral water or something if you like the guy (in that kind of a flirty situation) in my opinion.

    I’d say reasons to decline a drink in that kind of situation would be: you are not THAT much into the person, and *you therefore wouldn’t want to lead them on, or *wouldn’t want to take advantage of the situation and have them pay for your drink, or *wouldn’t want to feel like you owe the person anything (since you are not interested in anything more than just a casual chat)..

    Now that said, this doesn’t mean .. that any time a girl does accept a drink from you, you can assume it’s in the bag of course …. ! :)

    But I somehow do believe that if she does NOT accept a drink, it could be a possible indicator that she may not be as interested as she seems.

    I am not a relationship therapist or psychologist however. This is just my personal opinion. Please, feel free to correct me (other ladies reading this) if you feel I am wrong.

    Hoping it helps you Single Dad, to get some female perspective on things as well.

    You seem a wonderful person, and I am sure will find LOVE sooner rather than later (as long as you keep believing). :)




    Henrietta Pretty commented at 6:42 pm on July 14th, 2010

    Christ, isn’t love confusing?
    You’re right to be laughing though. Seems this love thing needs a sense of humour to get through it.


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