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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

So much for justice

Uploaded: Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Saturday, July 30th, 2005.

Since her admission of the crime and subsequent arrest, Katrina’s been on bail pending the police investigation into her actions. I’ve now received a call from the officer in charge, informing me of the action that would be taken against her. She’ll be getting a caution. Nothing more.

Part of me is furious that she’s getting away with it. £7500 worth of getting away with it, meanwhile the credit card company are still adding interest and non-payment fees as well as bombarding me with threats of legal action and debt collectors.

The other part of me is relieved that the police involvement is now over. By giving her a caution, it won’t have to go to court- and if I’m honest, I really didn’t want that. Despite all that she’s done, it would be difficult to stand up in court and testify against her. And what of Natalia and Jack? They’re bound to find out about it if it appears in the newspaper (which I don’t doubt it would), and what if Kat went to prison? I really wouldn’t want the kids to go through that.

Incredibly, even though the credit card company are aware that Kat has been arrested, admitted the fraud, and been given a police caution, they’re still “investigating” whether my account was used fraudulently!

Their investigator won’t call me back, but I have received yet another threat of debt collectors / legal action / private investigations into my income (that was a new one) and so on. Again, it was from the “senior manager” who doesn’t work there any more.

Even though this investigation is ongoing, and I have set up passwords on the account, whenever I phone to speak to someone, the staff aren’t even asking me for my password before discussing the account with me.

Even more unbelievably, both me and Kat (via letters and emails to my address) are also being sent dozens of offers for new credit cards, loans, credit card cheques etc by the very same credit card company!

Time to be a little proactive. I’m writing a letter threatening report them to the Financial Services Authority and the Data Protection Registrar and to sue them for harassment. I doubt it will make any difference- I think they’re just utterly incompetent. It’s no wonder that credit card crime is such big business!


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One Response to “ So much for justice ”

    Chic Mama commented at 8:08 pm on July 16th, 2010

    It’s not fair….just had to go to court to stop a charge going on my house…ex-husband’s debts!


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