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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

Christmas shopping hell

Uploaded: Monday, March 15th, 2010

Saturday, December 4th, 2004.

We went Christmas shopping today, to the big out-of-town shopping centre. It was awful, but not for the usual reasons.

Most weekends are spent at a shopping centre- usually two, sometimes three different shopping centres, visiting the same stores. Kat is always very insistent that we need stuff, when actually we don’t. So we go there, spend lots of money, but have nothing to show for it- “shopping” with two hungry and thirsty children can be expensive.

Kat wants to look in some clothes shops, I go and have a look in the music / phone / gadget shops (cos I’m a bloke, and that’s what we do). Eventually, she comes over, and says that she can’t find what she wants, and needs to go into the city to get it- straight away! The urgency of it immediately makes me curious. Why’s it so urgent? She only wants a choker for my work’s Christmas party, and that’s not ’til next weekend. I offer to drop her off and wait. She then says that she forgot that she was also booked into the hairdressers in the city in the afternoon, so there was no point me waiting.

Sensing a very obvious lie, I offer to drive there, and we can all go into the city. While she’s having her hair done, I’ll take the kids for lunch. She’s very insistent that we don’t go: the kids are tired, bored, she doesn’t know how long she’ll be… the list goes on. I insist that it’s no problem.

We’re in the car now, and she’s starting to look worried. Almost has a panicked look on her face. She gets argumentative and sweary, but I’m only trying to help. Eventually, she goes into the city alone- I back down because I don’t want an argument in front of the children, and she really shouldn’t be swearing in front of them anyway (she doesn’t usually). And I’m beginning not to care.

Three hours later, she arrives home. The shop in the city also didn’t have what she wanted. And the hair? Oh, they were double booked.


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