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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

The second biggest job

Uploaded: Monday, March 15th, 2010

Saturday, November 13th, 2004.

I’ve mentioned in previous diary enties that I spend most of every evening trying to tidy the house. I don’t know how somebody can make a place so untidy in such a short period of time.

Probably my second biggest job is trying to sort out the family finances.

We each have our own bank account, plus a joint account for the bills which we each deposit a set amount very month. I know roughly what our outgoings each month will be, and our standing orders into it are enough to cover it, plus a bit to cover anything that may be a bit higher. Our payments go in automatically, Direct Debits come out automatically. So why do I spend so much time managing it?

I haven’t received a bank statement for about a year. I’ve spoken to the bank about it, the Post Office, and of course Katrina, but all seem to be at a loss as to why they’re not getting through. My only source of information is the mini-statements from ATMs. But now I have internet banking, and can see for myself!

In a nutshell, Kat takes out more than she puts in. Much more. Where does the money go?

Well, as it happens, it’s my fault. I’m expecting her to contribute more than she can afford, I don’t leave her enough money to buy essentials for the children, I expect her to do everything, and I’m a bad person.

So, here are the facts.
I ask her to contribute a small amount per month into the joint account, I put the rest (roughly a 1:5 split)
I ask her to pay for her mobile phone bill (it’s in my name, and I pay it from my account)
I pay for all of the food shopping, and most of the children’s clothes.
She works part-time, receives child benefit and the child tax credit payments.
Certain other household bills are paid for by me.
If we go out, I usually pay for that.

She puts in a few pounds, takes out a few pounds, takes out a few more pounds, puts in a few pounds…. and so it goes on. But the net result is that she puts in less than than she should, but takes out up to four times more than she should put in per month. It’s no wonder we’re overdrawn!

The inevitable argument ensues. Her main lines of defence are that she gets confused transferring between accounts. And that I am a bad husband.

Life isn’t fun.


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