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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

Another phone bill

Uploaded: Friday, March 12th, 2010

Monday, October 4th, 2004.

One of the things about being on holiday for two weeks, is that you’re away from the phone and internet for a while. Despite her assurances to the contrary, I was sure that she had still been messaging the bloke she’d been seeing, so was glad that we were isolated by being in America.

I had taken my mobile phone with me, but hers had been left at home. She’d asked to borrow it a few times to call her parents, and naturally I’d said yes. She’d also been buying phonecards so that she could call them from the villa.

I’d only used my mobile a couple of times, so didn’t expect the bill to be high. It was bloody huge! There was a strange number on the itemised bill, it appeared frequently and costly, so I asked Kat about it. She’d been using my mobile and the phonecard- although the phonecard access number was free from a US landline, it certainly wasn’t free from a mobile, and had appeared on the bill. So I asked her about it- she looked like a rabbit staring into oncoming headlights.

“I thought free calls wouldn’t be shown on the bill”

“They’re not free. Who were you calling?”

“My Nan”

“What, three times a day”

“She’s been ill. I’m concerned about her”

An argument ensued. I like facts, not speculation, and of course I couldn’t get any facts out of her. But I know exactly who she was phoning!


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