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The secret diary of a single parent bloke

And so it goes on

Uploaded: Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Saturday, August 14th, 2004.

This next month has continued as the last. I feel like her skivvy. She does less and less, I do more and more. The phone bills continue to increase, the lies get bigger.

How can I spend up to five hours a night doing stuff around the house, only for it to be in an even worse state by the following afternoon? I’m trying to be a good father, but can’t seem to get a look-in. Natalia loves me like only a daughter can, but Jack barely acknowledges my existence. He just cries if I try to do anything with him, and runs off to his mom. I don’t know what to do.

Despite constantly being told by Kat and my Dad that I should do more to save my marriage, I begin to believe it less and less. I was still desperate to save my marriage, my family, my home, but everything I did wasn’t good enough. I was fighting a losing battle.

We’re due to go on holiday next month, to Disney World. I booked it in February as a Valentine’s present, it should be the holiday of a lifetime. I’m still going, and Natalia and Jack are still coming with me. I just don’t know about Kat.


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